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PJ Popat (http://www.pjpopat.com), is a laugher club for all. It's a forum created by Nitin Naik to build a happy community through this website.

This website has two main objectives

a) Build a laughter club through your contributions.

b) Help poor children for education in India.

Nitin's laughter club (http://www.pjpopat.com) now supports 24 children for education through CASP Education Programme (http://www.pjpopat.com/casp.html).

Akhbar- June 2010 "- Introduction of positive performance indicators in HLG group.pdf
The measurement of safety performance in the construction industry has mostly been in response to statutory requirements. Consequently, the measures and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) used by the industry have invariably focused on outcomes rather than processes. Most of the outcome indicators have tended to give their feedback well after the event therefore failing to identify any weaknesses within the safety management processes.

There is need for positive key performance indicators to measure safety performance. The positive KPI’s is based on two approaches firstly measuring management processes and secondly measuring site safety environment. The site safety environment can be measured using site safety meter tool.

What is site safety meter (SSM)?
SSM tool was first applied within Finnish Construction industry (Latinen et al. 1996). It is based on positive approach which provides feedback on both behavioural and structural aspects of safety system. SSM provides a “snapshot “of overall positive safety performance of the construction site at any given time.

Positive Safety KPI’s Initiative within HLG
The positive safety KPI’s initiative was started back in August 2009. The site safety meter was chosen as useful tool to measure safety performance. Since its successful application in Australia, especially within the Leighton Contractors, it was an obvious choice to proceed with the same tool here in UAE. After initial consultation through safety manager’s forum, SSM was rolled out on five construction sites in Abu Dhabi. It was further introduced on two construction sites in Dubai in January this year.

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