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What is Planner's Role?

The planner is a catalyst who chairs the planning activity, and therefore is not an individual who knows every aspect of the project, but is an individual who can organize the thoughts of various people.

The planner must also be a person that can effectively communicate the milestones and goals of the plan, and reporting back to the people who provided various schedule elements, keeping in mind that these individuals will implement the plan and will directly affect the profitability of the project. The key to an effective plan is the success and adaptability of the planner to collect, organize, and translate the schedule activities into an easy to understand format.

(Reference: Kirk D. Gothand, CCC, 2003)

In today’s world better time management is a fundamentally important parameter to measure performance of a project. Time Management essentially determines if a project is progressing positively or negatively, at any point of time during the project span. Better time management practices lead into better cost control also for the project.

In construction industry Time Management is often defined as Planning and Programming. Planning is a team effort that decides project delivery strategy and Programming is a reflection of the project delivery strategy in chronological steps.

Programming involves outlining work breakdown structure against different phases of a project. A programme defines a critical path for the project and can be used as most important tool for Time Management.

With over 10 year’s international experience on renowned projects in Hong Kong, Australia and Middle East, Nitin has consulting expertise in the following areas:

Construction Programming using Planning tools such as Primavera 6.0
Resource Scheduling
Trade Package Programming
Design & Documentation Programming
Programme update & monitoring
As Built Programmes
Customized Training on project planning software/s

Benefits of Planning

Obtain realistic programmes including critical path and milestones
Cost effective progress monitoring and reporting
Construction programmes to monitor progress of all stakeholders during the project
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