It is common that construction projects get delayed. There are several causes for delays such as scope revisions, client approvals, logistics factors etc. Unresolved delay assessment can lead to a dispute between two parties. Such disputes can often prove costly and unfavorable for a project. Therefore delays need to be assessed to establish factual basis for the event.

Unresolved disputes result into claims between two parties. The claims can evolve at different levels. The claims evolved in the earlier stage of a contract get settled through mediation by independent consultant. The claims which do not get settled through mediation get resolved through arbitration/adjudication. Lastly complex claims get raised and resolved through litigation and court hearings. All claim disputes require forensic claims analysis for the settlement.

There are various Claims Analysis methods used to establish a root cause of the dispute. Most common method is based on Critical Path Analysis of the programme of works. It involves analyzing delays of critical activities which result into slippage of contract completion. Other common methods are ‘what if analysis’ and ‘time slice analysis’ of the programme which establishes sequential explanation of the main events resulting project delay.

With strong experience of Planning and Programming as well as over three year’s experience of Claims Management on building and civil projects at Hong Kong and Australia, Nitin has consulting expertise in the following areas:

Extension of time preparation
As Built Programmes
Analysis of delay, disruption and acceleration claims
Assistance to construction lawyers for preparation of Arbitration documentation

Benefits of using Claims

Cost effective forensic analysis of programme delay
Dispute resolution among project stakeholders
Analyze the impact and find alternatives to mitigate delay

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